Niku Jaga Meat and Potato Stew

Niku Jaga is a Japanese style meat and potato stew that’s quick, easy, and reheats well. It’s a soy sauce-based stew, so this dish is packed with that umami flavor Japanese food is so well known for. You can also make this dish with pork, chicken, venison, bison, or turkey. It’s very flexible and versatile.

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Nabe – Japanese Style Hot Pot

Nabe is not so much one specific recipe as it is a style of eating. The entire family sits around a table laden with cut veggies and meats, a burner, and a very large pot of boiling broth. Each person has rice and their own dipping sauces, and everyone selects what they would like, adds it to the pot, and starts eating. It’s a very interactive meal; great for cold winter nights or dinner parties.

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Ebi Fry – Japanese Fried Shrimp

Ebi Fry, AKA Japanese fried shrimp, is a Western style shrimp tempura dish created in the early 1900s. It’s most popular in bento boxes because it tastes wonderful both warm and at room temperature. It also holds up well to being frozen and defrosted, like many bento boxes are. I like this dish because it’s crunchy (who doesn’t love crunchy food!?) and showcases the subtle flavors of the shrimp.

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Tonjiru – Pork Miso Soup

To all my faithful readers, I’m sorry I missed this past week.  I try my best, but sometimes I just can’t get something posted in time. The good news is, I don’t plan to skip posts for the holiday since I missed two already. Alright, back to the food…

Tonjiru is a Japanese classic comfort food. It’s that meal people make when camping or on cold winter nights to warm up while they sit under the kotatsu. It also happens to be a favorite food of mine and is super easy to make.

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