Dear Readers!

I realize I’m several days late on this week’s post, but I will get something up before Sunday. Also, expect a post on Monday/Tuesday as well; I’m not skipping the week, just a bit delayed. Finally, I was rereading my last szechuan green beans post and realized the cooking time wasn’t quite right. I’ve adjusted it and added a new-and-improved picture to the header.

Next post is Niku Jaga, a Japanese style meat and potato stew, Nommmm.

Thanks for your patience!

😦 Monday kinda snuck up on me, and I was hoping to get something out today. However, it’s not going to happen this week; too busy at work. The next post is going to be a new pasta sauce, a super simple cream sauce made from a bechamel that goes great with peas! I look forward to writing and posting it. Sorry we missed another week!

I’m a bit behind on this week’s post, so I will not be releasing a new recipe today as usual. Look for the next post tomorrow afternoon around the usual 2PM post time. It’ll be super tasty, I promise 🙂

Hello dear readers! I apologize for my untimely absence… sometimes life just seems to get the best of us, or in my case keep us aggressively busy. Despite that, I have been actively planning and photographing new recipes, and I have time over the next week to work on writing posts. YAY!

What does this mean for you? Well, within the week, My Umai will be back to posting at least once per week. We may or may not be moving to a once weekly schedule for a time *sad face*, but at least you can get your weekly fix. Also, I’m working on some new standard pages including, but not limited to, a list of the cookbooks I use and suggested substitutes for difficult to find ingredients. All good things, I hope! Can’t wait to share… 🙂

Grilling over Labor Day

Because I am an over-zealous, force to be reckoned with of a woman, I convinced my friend from Jake the Foodie to host a labor day cookout just so I could use his grill. Jake says this isn’t entirely accurate; there may be some hyperbole involved… Either way, I’m fortunate enough to have a friend that is extremely forgiving and has chosen to overlook my horrendous social faux-pas (they really aren’t that rare). So, on Sunday I packed up almost everything in my kitchen and went to his house to cook.

I have to apologize for the lack of pictures, but I was thoroughly distracted for the entire day. We did, however, have a wonderful BBQ. Here’s the menu:

German Potato Salad (UPDATE: Potato Salad Recipe)

BBQ chicken, with homemade BBQ sauce (I will eventually give you my BBQ recipe; but as it’s different every time, give me a few months to get the recipe right first)

Aidell’s chicken and apple sausages with beer-carmelized onions

Grilled corn and peppers

Rice (haha, of course, my fiancee couldn’t go a single day without rice)

Matcha cheese cake (Jake’s creation, check out the post here.)

Brownies (I’ll post about these eventually, I’m sure… possibly next time I bake them)

Peach Cobbler with Ginger (UPDATE: Pie recipe)

We also consumed large amounts of Sake provided by yours truly, and Corona. The Sake was Kuromatsu Hakushika Junmai Ginjo, which is a 900 ML carton you can buy at H mart. Yes, it comes in a carton like milk, but I promise you it’s high quality sake. Everyone said it smells like iced cupcakes, nomms.

Essentially the day was a fantastic fete of eating, drinking, and playing cards against humanity in the greatest of company for 5+ hours. It was an absolute blast, and I hope all of you enjoyed your holiday weekend as much as I did!