Shouga-Yaki (Pork-ginger stir fry)

The name of this dish directly translated from the Japanese is more like Ginger Stir Fry, but shouga-yaki (しょうが焼き) is usually made with pork, so I tweaked the English translation.

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San Francisco Restaurant Recommendations

I was recently in San Fran for the Dreamforce conference, and I had every intention of doing restaurant reviews while there. Sadly, the actual reviewing and picture taking process never happened; so instead, here were the highlights of my trip.

Zare at Fly Trap:

  • Persian cuisine. Don’t go here if you have dietary restrictions of allergies, this place needs to be enjoyed with an open mind
  • We ate family style so we could try everything; there was not a single dish that wasn’t fantastic and unique. Plates were licked clean, lol.
  • Their Baklava dessert is SUBLIME


  • Japanese food, very authentic
  • The sushi and sake list are superb, ask for the Sashshimi or Sushi Omakase. The Uni is some of the freshest I’ve had the pleasure of devouring.
  • Friendly staff and chefs, I recommend eating at the sushi bar. They all speak Japanese (and from what I saw, are Japanese)
  • There are two locations in downtown SF, both are superb

La Costanera:

  • Peruvian food. This is a favorite spot of mine in Half Moon Bay.
  • I can never get enough of the ceviches here, the ceviche mixto is amazing.
  • We got the paella; but honestly, skip that and get something with beef or pork. Their meat entrees are amazing.
  • Best place for a Pisco Sour! The rest of the drink menu is also wonderful, and you can’t beat the views of the ocean/sunset.

I believe that covers all my favorites, so check them out!


Pie Crust

My Oma gave me this pie crust recipe about 4 years ago, and I’ve never gone back since. It’s simple, flaky, and delicious enough to eat by itself. You can even freeze it for up to a month or make it 1-2 days ahead of time. I use this same crust for anything from Pie Crust cookies (which will be the next post), to double-crusted fruit pies, to pumpkin pie. It’s truly versatile and nearly impossible to ruin. Just follow the recipe and you’ll be golden!

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