Crock Pot Turkey and Lentil Chili

Chili was a staple growing up in the cold, Cleveland winters. Generally, my childhood chili consisted of venison and beans, but venison is very hard to buy in a grocery. When I moved away, I started to make chili with ground turkey because it was healthy and easy to get.

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Tonjiru – Pork Miso Soup

To all my faithful readers, I’m sorry I missed this past week.  I try my best, but sometimes I just can’t get something posted in time. The good news is, I don’t plan to skip posts for the holiday since I missed two already. Alright, back to the food…

Tonjiru is a Japanese classic comfort food. It’s that meal people make when camping or on cold winter nights to warm up while they sit under the kotatsu. It also happens to be a favorite food of mine and is super easy to make.

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Crock Pot Jambalaya

The next stop on my crock pot adventures was Jambalaya, again from the Cooking Light Slow Cooker to the Rescue edition.

This recipe, I must admit, I did not like nearly as much as the beef stew. To start, I didn’t add the hot sauce because I didn’t want my Jambalaya too spicy. Instead, I put in some cayenne pepper. It had a slight kick, but still seemed to lack something. I will have to experiment with this recipe and update you if I discover the missing ingredient. Regardless, it was tasty; and I do plan to make this again.

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Tteokbokki – Korean Spicy Rice Cake

I recently started cooking Korean food. To be honest, this is a whole new world for me in the realm of cooking, just like Hawaiian food is. Japanese food I learned from my host mothers, Chinese food I learned working in a Chinese restaurant, Filipino food I learned from my best friend, but Korean food I’ve only seen made in dramas. As a result, cooking it on my own is 100% an experiment. Luckily, I have the trusty internet.

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Crock Pot Beef Stew

After returning from Cali, I discovered that the season had truly changed in Virginia. In reaction to this, or rather, over-reaction, I decided to do an entire week of crock pot cold weather meals. I picked up a new cooking magazine, the Cooking Light Slow Cooker to the Rescue edition, and had a field day. My first experiment? Slow Cooker beef stew, and it was nomilicious!

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Mochiko Chicken

My fiance is from Hawai’i, more specifically, the island of Oahu. As a result, he’s used to Hawaiian food. Sadly, you can’t get authentic Hawaiian food in the DC metro area; so I’ve been tasked with learning a cuisine I have minimal familiarity with. On top of this, my fiance has effectively no cooking ability himself, so I have to learn on my own.

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