Ttukbaegi Gyeranjjim – Korean Steamed Egg

This is another one of those super easy, super delicious recipes that are always a favorite in my arsenal. Eggs are actually a very difficult food to cook well. For one, they are pretty delicate, easily burned or overcooked in a matter of seconds if you aren’t paying attention. Next, the natural flavors are subtle, making them difficult to showcase and even more difficult to not overpower. Fear not, as this dish removes all of the difficulties with cooking eggs, leaving them bright, fluffy, and perfectly seasoned.

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Napa Cabbage Kimchi – *The Secrets of Cabbage Part 2?*

I started making Kimchi at home last year when I realized that a gallon of Kimchi costs nearly $20. I can make the same amount of Kimchi at home for $2 and it tastes just as good, if not better. On top of that, Kimchi is actually really easy to make, it just takes time. Spend one day every 6 weeks making Kimchi, and you will always have it in your fridge. How can you argue with that kind of logic?

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Ebi Fry – Japanese Fried Shrimp

Ebi Fry, AKA Japanese fried shrimp, is a Western style shrimp tempura dish created in the early 1900s. It’s most popular in bento boxes because it tastes wonderful both warm and at room temperature. It also holds up well to being frozen and defrosted, like many bento boxes are. I like this dish because it’s crunchy (who doesn’t love crunchy food!?) and showcases the subtle flavors of the shrimp.

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Strawberry Sponge Cake

Strawberry Cake in Japan has so thoroughly pervaded the dessert scene that it tends to be the go-to cake for any occasion. Christmas Cake? Check. Birthday Cake? Check. Cake with Tea Time? Definitely. I’ve never been to a cake store or bakery in Japan that didn’t have Strawberry Cake.

Unfortunately, Japanese-style Strawberry Cake cannot be easily found state-side; and when I returned from Japan, I experienced some serious cake-withdrawals. So what is a girl to do? Scour the internet for the perfect recipe! Enter: Cooking with Dog Christmas Cake with the perfect Strawberry Cake recipe to meet my cravings and general cake needs…

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Hello dear readers! I apologize for my untimely absence… sometimes life just seems to get the best of us, or in my case keep us aggressively busy. Despite that, I have been actively planning and photographing new recipes, and I have time over the next week to work on writing posts. YAY!

What does this mean for you? Well, within the week, My Umai will be back to posting at least once per week. We may or may not be moving to a once weekly schedule for a time *sad face*, but at least you can get your weekly fix. Also, I’m working on some new standard pages including, but not limited to, a list of the cookbooks I use and suggested substitutes for difficult to find ingredients. All good things, I hope! Can’t wait to share… 🙂

Roasted Asparagus

In my kitchen, quick vegetable dishes are key because most asian cooking is designed to have a main dish (meat) and several vegetable side dishes. I don’t have time on the weekends to make enough sides for the week, so I stick to two dishes per meal, the main meat and some quick, often roasted, vegetable. The thing I love most about roasted asparagus is it’s versatility; it goes with everything and can be prepped with any mix of spices you desire. I’m going to go with the basic, salt, pepper, and lemon today; but just know you can experiment with this.

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