As I’ve said before Deb Perelman’s blog, Smitten Kitchen, has been a source of recipes for me for years. Her explanations are always clear, the recipes are creative, and the food never disappoints. This recipe comes directly from her and is actually almost completely unmodified.


As a result, I’m going to send you to her for the recipe and instructions. You can check out her post here. I’ve added a few of my notes below, and of course, pictures of the process.

  • Deb uses pancetta for this recipe, but I’ve found that thick cut bacon also works really well. As bacon is really fatty, I always drain the excess fat after crisping the bacon before cooking the vegetables.
  • When you are making the broth, it is really helpful to have two sets of hands. You need to stir the flour-butter mixture constantly while adding the chicken broth. I’ve found that this process works best when I have one person slowly, but steadily pouring the chicken broth while I whisk with all my might.
  • As Deb states, the pot pie dough freezes really well. I highly recommend rolling it out and then freezing it, as it makes the assembly easier when you defrost them.
  • When freezing the pot pie filling, it helps to either freeze it in individual portions or freeze it in exactly the right portions you know you will need. For example, I always freeze my filling in perfect 2-serving portions. When I’m ready to reheat it, I defrost the filling on the counter all day, or in the microwave until it is pliable enough to split in two and fit in bowls. Then I follow the usual instructions for baking.
  • Deb uses an egg wash to make the pot pie dough stick to the bowl. I’ve found that you should only wet the very top rim of the bowl. Don’t get any egg on the sides or you won’t be able to easily break off the dough and eat it. It’s too tasty to waste.
  • Most importantly, this recipe does take time; but it is well worth the effort. Make sure you have planned an afternoon to make it, and always make enough to freeze. As Deb says, this is perfect for dinner parties, or, in my case, those unplanned dinner guests. I always have a few portions in the freezer just in case.

Pictures below! 🙂










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