UPDATE: I posted new pictures to this post because a really great photographer friend of mine was visiting, and she helped me take a bunch of new pics. Also, I tried this with a darker beer, a brown ale called Leffe Braun, and it was delicious. The spiciness of the darker beer transferred really well to the bratwurst. Thank you to the reader who made this suggestion!

Beer Bratwurst are a serious favorite in my house. For starters, they are so easy my fiancee can make them. Also, they take only 15 minutes and are so tasty you don’t need any condiments to eat them. These brats are juicy, flavorful, sweet, and have the added bonus of making the most wonderful onion topping. Did I mention they are super simple? We are talking 3 ingredients and impossible to ruin. Anyways, I highly recommend this for those late work nights or days when you are just feeling lazy.


Bratwurst or sausage of your choice (we use Aidell’s chicken and apple sausage)

1 large onion

1 can of beer (Anything is fine as long as it’s a beer you will drink. For example, I don’t recommend PBR)

Start by slicing your onion into 1/4 inch slices.


Heat a pan over medium heat; make sure the pan you use has a lid. If your sausages are low fat, like mine, you might want to add a drizzle of oil to the pan; however, this is not required. Brown the sausages on both sides, this should take 2-3 minutes per side as long as your pan is hot.

Once the sausages are browned, add the onions and then the beer. You may not need the entire can of beer, it depends on the size of the pan. Pour the beer slowly, as it will foam up fairly significantly. Make sure to fill the pan at least 1/2 inch full of beer, then cover and cook until the beer is gone. This step should take at least 10 minutes. If your sausages aren’t splitting and fully cooked by the end of this process, add more beer and repeat until they are done.

Finally, remove the sausages and stir the onions in the remaining beer. Layer the onions on your brats and serve.

6 thoughts on “Beer Bratwurst

      1. Haha, of course Krombacher is a beer brand my local grocery doesn’t carry. I will poke around, I’m sure I can find it in a beer specialty store. I’m lucky DC is diverse enough to be well-stocked with just about anything. I probably won’t be able to post an update until January, but please stay tuned. πŸ™‚


  1. Hi TampaFoodGuy, just a quick update on this. Apparently Krombacher stopped selling their beers to VA/MD distributors. Both myself and friends have checked out several different stores; but the response has always been, we used to carry it. As a result, testing the Krombacher dark will have to wait until I can get my hands on some. In the meantime, I can test a different dark beer this month and let you know my results. More information to follow…


  2. Hi TampaFoodGuy, I apologize for the delay. I did try this recipe with Leffe Braun since I couldn’t get Krombacher. Leffe is a Belgian beer, and Leffe Braun has a bit of a spicy, almost coffee-esque type of flavor. The bratwurst came out fantastic. This beer left them tasting like cinnamon and nutmeg with a hint of cloves. So much nuanced flavor in such a simple dish!
    Anyways, I appreciate the recommendation; and if you try this recipe yourself, I would love to hear all about it! Please continue posting feedback πŸ™‚


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