Beer Bratwurst

UPDATE: I posted new pictures to this post because a really great photographer friend of mine was visiting, and she helped me take a bunch of new pics. Also, I tried this with a darker beer, a brown ale called Leffe Braun, and it was delicious. The spiciness of the darker beer transferred really well to the bratwurst. Thank you to the reader who made this suggestion!

Beer Bratwurst are a serious favorite in my house. For starters, they are so easy my fiancee can make them. Also, they take only 15 minutes and are so tasty you don’t need any condiments to eat them. These brats are juicy, flavorful, sweet, and have the added bonus of making the most wonderful onion topping. Did I mention they are super simple? We are talking 3 ingredients and impossible to ruin. Anyways, I highly recommend this for those late work nights or days when you are just feeling lazy.

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German Potato Salad

German potato salad is extraordinarily nostalgic for me. Growing up, my Oma and Opa would always have german potato salad at Christmas Eve dinner, along with German weiners, bratwurst, and herring salad. When I moved away to DC, I, of course, needed to take the recipe with me. This salad is sweet, vinegary, and finger-licking good. NomNomNom

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