Pie Crust Cookies were the brain child of my stepmother back when I was a teenager. What can I say about these… they are a cookie and a pie… genius! When you make these, I recommend a double batch because they will be gone so quickly. One batch makes around 12-15 cookies depending on their size.

I must warn you though, although these cookies are absolutely worth it, they take time. So make sure you have a day, such as a slow Sunday, to make them. If you are crazy busy like I am, do the cookies over the course of two days, making the pie crust one day and the cookies the next. Most importantly, have fun making these!


1 batch Pie Crust (here’s the recipe)

Your favorite jam(s) – I used Currant/Raspberry Jam and Peach Ginger Jam for mine. The tartness of the currants really goes nicely with the sweetness of the cookie.


The cookies themselves are more about assembly than anything. The actual prep is in the pie crust making. Start by preheating your oven to 375 degrees.

Cut your pie crust into 2 halves. Leave the first half in the fridge, and start rolling out the second half. You will want to use a fair amount of flour on your surface and rolling pin. The dough will be cold, so it will be a bit difficult to get the dough started. Sometimes, I just beat it with my rolling pin, makes for good stress release.

Roll the dough out to about 1/8 of an inch; the typical thickness of a pie crust. Make sure you roll your dough out evenly.


Next, use a large cup to cut circles in the dough. You can also use a round cookie cutter if you have one. I highly recommend putting flour on whatever utensil you are using to cut the dough. Cut as many circles into the dough as you can fit.


Arrange your circles onto a cookie sheet; give them 1-2 inches in-between. They won’t grow much, but they will bubble. Once the dough is laid out, you can add your jam of choice in the middle. Add a little dollop, then cover it with another dough circle on top. You may find that your top dough circles are a bit small. You can always roll them out a bit more, as a slightly thinner crust on top doesn’t harm anything.


Squeeze out the air and using a fork, and seal the edges all the way around the cookie. Finally, sprinkle with sugar. Put the cookie sheet in the fridge for 10 minutes while you roll out the next batch.


After the cookies have chilled for 10 minutes, put them in your preheated oven. Bake for about 7-13 minutes. Be careful with these, as they will not brown unless you put an egg wash on them (which I did not, so my cookies are white on top). My suggestion is to check them every two minutes after the 7 minute mark has passed. Different ovens cause variations in cook time. The cookies are done when the jam is bubbling and the bottoms are browned.


Finally, eat! These are amazing warm. Be careful because the outside of the cookie may feel cool, but the jam might still be boiling. I made these about a week ago and this post makes me crave them again… Nommmms!


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