Check out these other blogs!

A really good friend of mine has a wonderful blog on blogspot. Please check it out at Jake the Foodie! He’s got a great philosophy and even better recipes.

My favorite cooking blog to read is by far Smitten Kitchen. When I’m looking for that moment of inspiration or a specific recipe (like tri-color Italian cookies), I always check smitten kitchen first. Deb has yet to lead me wrong đŸ™‚

I recently started cooking Korean food and discovered this blog, Maangchi. She has all the classic Korean recipes and makes easy to understand videos explaining how to do the recipe. Her recipes are precise, and I think she’s great for someone just learning Korean cooking.

If you’ve never heard of Cooking with Dog, you should definitely check out their youtube channel. It’s a Japanese woman, “Chef”, and her dog, Francis, making all kinds of awesome Japanese recipes. If there is something I want to make that I don’t have a recipe for, I usually check Cooking with Dog first. Every recipe comes with a video and English instructions.

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