The meaning of My uMai

So my fiance pointed out to me that I should probably explain why I chose the name “My uMai” for this blog. It’s a very nuanced name that I selected for three reasons:

  1. “Umai” or 美味い is a Japanese word for which the nuances and meanings run deep. To put it simply, it is a way of saying the food is beyond delicious, almost positively euphoric to eat. When someone says your food is “Umai”, they are not simply being polite; they really mean it.
  2. “uMai” is a play off of my nickname “Mai”, which means to dance. Although the characters are different (美味い、 舞), I find that the concepts are similar. The nuances of “mai” suggests graceful, almost subtle dancing and is often used to describe natural things, such as the movement of a light breeze in spring. I find that taste is very similar, to be delicious, the flavor must gracefully and subtly move from one nuanced taste to the next to create a complex harmony.
  3. Finally, a friend of mine suggested I name this blog “My o Mai” because people say “my o my” when they eat something delicious (in case you are wondering, “Mai” is pronounced as “my”). “My uMai” was a play off of this suggestion, as it sounds similar but also incorporates all the other meanings I wanted.

I hope I’m able to incorporate all of these attributes into this blog and you experience them along with me.

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