Review – Trader Joe’s Pear Tarte

As promised, here is the review of the Trader Joe’s pear tarte. Again, this is a favorite quick dessert of mine. I rarely like frozen desserts, but Trader Joe’s really does a good job with theirs.

This tarte is extremely easy to make, simply thaw it or bake it in the oven for 20 minutes before eating (just like the raspberry one). The crust is delectable and made the same way as their other tartes.

The pear tarte has a wonderful almond flavor to the jelly/custard underneath the pears. I could eat the custard alone and be happy with my dessert. The pears themselves are whole and the perfect amount of subtle sweetness. I’m not really a pear lover and originally bought this for my fiancee, who loves pears. However, I’m actually the one that devours this tarte before he even gets a shot at it. The chalkiness often characteristic of pears does not exist in this dessert, they are simply sweet with a very slight crunch.

Needless to say, I highly recommend this for anyone who likes fruit, almonds, and desserts that are only slightly sweet. People will fight over that last piece (at least we do in my household); luckily, it’s easy to get more. Now I want to go buy another one… Yummmmm.


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